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    "Jesus Christ In Everyday Life"

    We are a Christian Media Ministry that uses

    New/Emerging Media Methods to show "Jesus Christ In Everyday Life.

    Media Ministry 3.0

    Let's Get The Word Out

    Meet Chris and L.Michelle Salvant, Ministry leaders pictured here in Oculus Go and the founders of jesuschristspublicist.com

    With more than 15 years of Media Ministry experience, their goal is to empower Church, Ministry, Mission, and Marketplace leaders to maximize their use of new/emerging Media methods.

    They provide one-of-a-kind Media Ministry trainings, lectures, and Social labs.

    Chris and L.currently serve as Media, Missions and Collegiate Ministry leaders at Higher Dimension Church Tallahassee,

    "Where The People Are Great!"


    Stories of Faith In VR

    This is the very first, and only Virtual Reality environment we created. It launched as an app, June 2017, and serves as our primary place to view Stories of Faith experiences filmed using 360/1803D video technology. Our whole idea is to encourage a new way to testify, by allowing us to experience your Faith, from every angle, in everyday Life.

    Experience Virtual Reality

    Mission:VR began as our Christian Mission work to introduce children and parents to Virtual Reality. It has grown to provide valuable resources and insights into the use of VR|AR|MR|XR in Christian Faith & Education. Our Signature Mission:VR Experiences are key to exploring the use of the new medium(s). We have currently held experiences at churches, day schools/care centers, University campuses, and more. If you would like to sign up to host a Mission:VR Experience at your location,

    Email us!

    Virtual Reality Partner

    Experience a Christian Worship Service in Virtual Reality. Our partners at VR Church have created the first ever VR Church and VRChurch Europe in AtlSpace. comprehensive collections of Virtual Reality experiences surrounding Biblical historic sites/happenings.


    Life Journals

    For more than a decade, we have been journaling Stories of Faith Experiences. We began with a simple Stories of Faith column in the "Black Voice News" newspaper in San Bernardino, Ca in 2003. Today, the Stories have led to our first published journal book,

    "Dear Armorbearer(Vol. I)," which tells the story of servant-leadership through 7-key principles learned during a 14-year journey.

    Saved Now What

    The Saved Now What Campaign is designed to reach 18-25 year olds with a message of Faith, Purpose & Action. The campaign began on February 20, 2016. The main goal is to encourage younger generations to "Live" a "Lifestyle of Faith" and put God's plans for their lives into action.

    #SavedNowWhat #LiveWhatYouBelieve


    Making Christ Famous

    A Social Campaign

    A Social campaign for Middle/High School students to express their Faith through Media, Art, Creativity Fashion, Music, Spoken Word, or Simply In Everyday Unique Ways!



    Speak The Word

    Modern Day Language

    A professional voice-over artist since 2011, L.Michelle Salvant offers one of a kind voiceovers of the Bible in contemporary language. L. also uses voice as a draw for her new unscripted podcast, "Life Content," which features impromptu interviews with people sharing about some aspect of their Faith in real time.


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